Summer Update

I really think that we have been busier this summer than during the school year!

Daniel just finished up with his 3 week Pre-K camp at his elementary school. He loved it! I never did take a picture of him- what was I thinking? He did great, made lots of friends, learned a lot and really got familiar with his new school and teachers.

I loved our commute to school.

I’ve got a 25 minute commute to work, so a less than a minute commute to Daniel’s school was awesome.

He has a week off before he starts swim lessons. He’s a busy boy.

Speaking of busy boys, Luke is moving and growing a mile a minute! He’s starting to really say some words. Our favorite saying of his is ‘All gone.’ He says it with such a southern accent, it’s just adorable.

He’s also really into books lately, too. We have to read the same 3 over and over.

And I have to show a picture of how Luke looks right now:

He’s such a funny boy! He brought me clothes and insisted on putting them on. So, he’s walking around with 2 shirts a pair of khakis and a romper halfway on. J

Dan has been super busy this summer! He’s an intern Chaplain this summer at St. Francis Hospital in Columbus, Georgia. He works 8:30-5:00 Monday-Friday and is on-call for 24 hours once a week and one weekend a month. So far he’s been called several times on his on-call days and didn’t get to bed(in the hospital’s on-call suite) until 3:00am the other night.

I’ve been driving and playing with kids, picking up after kids, doing dishes and laundry- the excitement just never ends for me. 😉 I did get to go on a date with my husband the other night. We had (a quiet!) dinner at Olive Garden and then we went to see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The movie was pretty good, but a little weird if you ask me. All the boys of this household are into Indiana Jones. Luke even hums the theme song- funny stuff.

Have a great week!

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