Thanksgiving: Kid Cookies (adult, too!)…

We got D3’s Tom the Turkey done. He decided to disguise his turkey as a pirate. I thought it turned out pretty cute.

And continuing with some ever-so-lovely Thanksgiving ideas. 😉 Here are some super-cute cookies.

Pilgrim Hats:

Dip top of small peanut butter cup in yellow frosting. Put the cup over center hole of a fudge-striped cookie, forming the hatband and crown. Add a buckle of Chiclets gum.

Here are three versions of a turkey:

Pipe chocolate frosting on outer edge of half of sugar cookie. (Use a ziplock bag with the end tip cut off as a piping bag) Place candy corn on top of frosting as feathers. Pipe orange decorating icing onto each cookie to resemble turkey face and feet. Use orange icing to attach candy-coated chocolate baking bits to turkey face for eyes. Pipe black decorating gel on baking bits for centers of eyes.

Take 1 double stuff Oreo apart and place another whole Oreo on it’s side, sticking to cream. In front of the Oreo on its side, place a malted-milk ball for the turkeys head. Place candy corn, points down, in between the Oreo cookie that is standing on it’s side for feathers. Use decorating gel for eyes and to attach half candy corn piece for beak.

Cover one side of Oreo with chocolate frosting. Attach the malted milk ball (turkey body) near the center of the cookie. Arrange candy corn pieces on chocolate frosting with the wide end of candy along the outer edge. Put a large dab of frosting above the malt ball (turkey head). Push the side of the red M&M into this as the wattle. Push orange M&M’s (feet) into frosting below body.

And a Cornucopia:

Use a half graham cracker as a base. Use frosting or peanut butter to adhere a bugle to the cracker. Fill with Trix cereal fruit pieces.

(You can click on the pictures of the cookies to find the original recipe).


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  1. Oh, I wish I would’ve taken pictures of Nate’s turkey before we turned it in! He also made his turkey a pirate!!! Wow, how neat! His was a Buccaneer Pirate Turkey. I can’t wait to show him D’s. He will think it’s so neat that they had the same project!

  2. These are so cute! I have to bring dessert for Connor’s class party next week, and I am going to be making one of these. btw, I know exactly who you are from BBC, and it trips me out that you found me from Annalee’s blog (who I went to college with). What a small world!

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