The Great Christmas Tree Hunt ’08…

We headed out Saturday to choose a Christmas tree from our favorite Christmas Tree Farm.

This is always such an event. Dan is picky about trees and I’m not picky enough. I think they are all pretty even if they aren’t. So, we have to meet in the middle somewhere.

Here are my boys trying to find the perfect tree.

We finally chose a tree that we all agreed on and then hauled it home on top of the car.

I’m thinking that is the first and last time we will do that. I was a nervous wreck the whole trek home.

Next time we’re borrowing a truck.

If you look closely everyone is decked in Gator orange and blue. We got our tree home just in time to watch the SEC Championship game.

D3 got into it.

Go Gators!!

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  1. This year, not only am I missing the scent of a real tree, I’m also missing having a tree! We have one of those tiny tabletop fiber optic trees up this year…there just isn’t any room in this apartment…

    I did notice yesterday that several of the first floor residents actually “planted” their real trees in the plant beds adjacent to their patios! If by chance we’re still here next year, that’s what I’m doing!

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