Three Random things…

1. I officially LOVE www.zappos.com .

Last night about 9:00 I was watching Oprah from earlier in the day on TiVo. Her topic was Millionaire Moguls and she had the Olsen twins and a couple of other people, but the guy that really struck me with Tony Hsieh. At 24, he sold his internet company for$265 million. A year later he became the CEO of zappos.com.

He does not have a big corner office, he works in a cubicle like everyone else and he draws a salary of $36,000/year. He had such an enthusiasm for his company and it looked like a nice place to work. He is very passionate about good customer service. Here’s the link to a clip of the show.

So, I went to check out zappos last night after I watched the show. I wanted to get D3 some crocs for Christmas, so I found them on the site (on sale for $19-woot!) and went ahead and got them. The shipping is free at zappos.com, by the way. Anyway, I wake up this morning to an email saying that they upgraded my shipping for free and over-nighted the shoes. They are out for delivery in my area right now. They really do seem to view themselves as a service company that happens to sell shoes. I’m impressed.

2. Faith is having a giveaway on her blog.

She is giving away one her cute monogrammed totes. She is very talented and makes super cute stuff! Check it out!

3. B is in love with Signing Time. I posted this past weekend that we found this show and he really likes it. Well, he is now bringing me the remote and saying “C.” The only one we have is the ABC one and he LOVES it! He sings along and says each letter with her. He’s in the other room watching it now. I’ve got to get him more since he’s watching this ABC one every day. J

Have a great weekend!!

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