Daniel has been doing great with school. He loves his teacher and is making friends and bringing home all sorts of work. We went to Open House last night to see his room and all of the work he has done. His teacher is still hanging in there at 9 months pregnant. I’m sure he will have a sub soon. I managed to get a picture of him sitting at his desk.

Then the little friend that he talks about all the time came running up.

That’s our Daniel. He’s always fast friends with the girls. I’m going to have to watch him when he gets older, since he’s been girl crazy since about… I don’t know… birth!

Before school started Daniel and I went to pick out his school stuff and he was so excited about his lunchbox. Bubblebee from the Transformers….

So, the first day I went to pick him up and he jumps in the car saying he had a great day and then asks what I packed him for lunch. I was puzzled, but told him what I had packed. When we got home, I got his lunchbox out of his backpack and it was untouched. I asked him why he didn’t eat lunch. He told me that he did, that he had a little thing pinned to him and he got to eat in the cafeteria! He had yummy cheese sticks and chocolate milk. So, the stinker decided he wanted cafeteria food and charged a lunch the first day! I informed him that school lunches weren’t free and I would have to pay for what he ate. He had no idea! I got the biggest kick out of that.

He is starting to understand the routine of school, but at first he was completely confused about it all.

**                **                **                **                

We had a great weekend this past weekend. Dan’s parents came to visit, which was nice. They kept the kids for us on Saturday and Dan and I went to lunch and a movie (and shopping at Kohl’sJ). Then we met Mom and Dad and Daniel and Luke at Cheddar’s for my dinner. It was such a nice birthday. They also brought the most beautiful cake.

**                **                **                **        

Congrats to Mike and Mary on their big move! And a huge congratulations to Don and Viv on giving us all a new baby to love! 🙂

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