Weekend wrap up….

This past weekend was wonderful and relaxing. I was terrible about taking pictures, however. The only picture I took was of D3 totally passed out on the drive up to my parents.

Think he was a little exhausted from school?

He used our poor dog as a pillow.

We dropped the kids off with my parents and Dan and I went to eat at Macaroni Grill. We love that place and don’t have one near us, so it is such a treat when we are able to go. Our meal was so quiet and relaxing. I wasn’t trying to distract anyone or cut up food into little pieces. We took our time and had a very nice meal.

I told Dan that I’m not sure I’m a good date anymore. I was so tired and just enjoying the peace and quiet. As a mom and teacher my days are so noisy, that I just love the quiet. He was very tired from his week as well, so we just relaxed.

We stayed in a hotel overnight, so I was able to sleep in! I realized the last time that I was away from the kids overnight was our anniversary last year. So, it was my annual Saturday sleep-in, I suppose. Although, sleeping in was sleeping until 8. It’s a lot better than getting up at 6, but not quite the 9 or 10:00 sleep-ins of the past.

We took our time getting ready and eating breakfast. We checked out and then hit a couple of yard sales on our way to my parents. We love a good yard sale. J We watched the Florida/Tennessee game (Go Gators!), ate some pizza, and headed home. Such is the weekend of a pastor- Friday night until Saturday night.

The kids were sufficiently spoiled. My parents took them to Buffalo Wild Wings. My kids love this place. I guess because it’s so active- but apparently they cleaned their plates and got ice cream for dessert. They also got Happy Meals the next day and D3 got to watch 2 of the Star Wars movies! They love Nana and Papa’s! J

Sunday we went to church. I have started teaching the children’s Sunday School class- pray for me. J It’s a lot of fun and an intense hour! We use a great curriculum called Live B.I.G.  The kids seem to enjoy it.

The rest of my Sunday involved grocery shopping and laundry. So much fun, let me tell you!

Have a great week!!

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  1. Poor baby!! My son does that all the time too…I always feel so sorry for him because he looks so uncomfortable, but he always seems to live through it!! ha!ha!

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