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  1. I love the little gift, but even more so, I love the chubby little hand holding the bell. Little ones are just too precious for words…

  2. Love the picture – makes me all teary eyed, especially with the music! So much meaning behind the bell – we have watched the Polar Express almost everyday since before Thanksgiving. Mike loves it even more now because we bought it on BluRay in 3D! Do they do the Polar Express thing every year? We may have to join you for that next year if they do!

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    They do the Polar Express train ride every year. It’s almost a 2 hour drive from our house, but is about 30 minutes away from my parents, so we have gone on Thanksgiving weekend the past couple of years. I have a post ready to go up tomorrow with pics from our train ride.
    The BluRay movie is 3D? That’s very cool.

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