2009 Recap… January to June…

This will possibly be a couple of posts that are only interesting to me, but it is my blog. J I wanted to highlight a couple of the important things that happened in our family during each month of 2009.

I can’t believe how fast a year goes by now that I’m a mom… or now that I’m in my thirties…. I don’t know which it is. Nonetheless, 2009 flew by like a flash!

We toured around and visited family! The boys had a ball with their cousins.

This trip also included the Savannah explosion!


February was a typical month with little ones… there were silly happies and meltdown sads. J


We found out where Dan’s new appointment was going to be… right down the road. J


Dan preached at Candler and no one cooperated for their Easter pictures.


Dan graduated college, D3 graduated Kindergarten and Dan & I went on a cruise. 


We bought a house, moved, unpacked, Daniel played T-ball, and we spent a day in Disney world for Dan’s birthday!

Whew!  We did a lot!

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