Three Random things, take four…

One:  So, first of all- Kris won American Idol. Woot! Adam is super talented and I think he will do well, but I loved Kris’ humble ways and his music style. I love that the first thing he said was he thought Adam should have won.
My fav. song that he did:


Two:  D3 graduated Kindergarten. Maybe I should have listed this first… you can see where my mind is- ha! He had a great time singing his songs (he is such a performer!). He chose Logan’s for lunch after the ceremony and when we got there he informed the waitress that he had just graduated Kindergarten. He is so shy after all. She thought that was great, so he got a free dessert. The kid knows how to work it. 😉


Now he’s on summer break, so let’s all pray for a summer with more getting along and having fun than ‘he’s touching me! He’s in my room!’ 🙂

Three:  We are up to our eyeballs in packing! We’re packing for both our cruise not far away now! —–>

And for our move. We close the Monday after we get back! So, needless to say, our house looks like a hurricane has hit. I hate the disheveled look of a house when you’re moving. There is random stuff everywhere. But, we are super excited about our summer of big events!

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