A glimpse into our backyard…

One of my favorite parts of our new house is the backyard. It was a selling point for me. Two little boys need a nice yard to run around in!

I decided to take my camera out into the yard the other day and take a few pictures of what the boys are up to on a beautiful, sunny day.

B loves the sand and will spend hours filling his bucket and dumping it out.

But, where’s D3?

Ahh…. Over there being a nosy neighbor.


We have these beds in the back that are overgrown and we’re not quite sure what to do with. The boys love to explore over there, but I would prefer they didn’t.

Notice there are no training wheels on the bike. Woot woot! Bless his heart, D3 is a mega perfectionist (not sure where he gets this trait from!). He will only do something if he can do it very well. We’re working on this with him, but he wouldn’t even entertain the notion of taking those training wheels off until he could ride the bike like a pro. And now he can.

We live on a rather busy road, so I love that the carport wraps around behind the house. It gives the kids lots of room to ride their bikes.

Here comes D3. Gotta do a little showing off. J

He can even ride around the yard. What talent. 😉

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  1. Your crape myrtle is beautiful! I want to plant one at our new house. Go D3 on the bike! I’m looking forward to having the long driveway as well. Especially since Nate is now getting into things like skateboarding (yikes)! I understand about the beds. We have lots of snakes and poison ivy here! I’m nervous about living on such a wooded lot. Great for exploring, but also perfect for snakes! When does school start for you guys?

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