At six and a half…

So this fellow is 6 and a half and in first grade!!


A few things about D3 at six and a half…

  • He loves his baby brother and watches out for him.
  • He loves to color.
  • His favorite colors are green and blue.  He asked for a blue room with a green stripe when we moved:
  • He can work the TiVo like a pro and forever sets up recordings for various shows.  He loves Scooby Doo and has a bunch of Scooby Doo movies on our TiVo right now.
  • D3 eats an apple almost every day after school and loves to eat rice with butter.
  • He loves music and always has his MP3 player going in his room.  Santa brought him an MP3 player and a radio that it is connected to it and he has loved it! 
  • I asked him his favorite songs and he said “Since U Been Gone” and “Bad Day”- the Alvin and the Chipmunk’s version.  🙂

  • I also asked him his favorite singer and he said the Jonas Brothers.
  • He is not shy in the least and never meets a stranger. 
  • He sang karaoke all by himself a while back.  They were having Karaoke night at my parent’s lake place and he chose to sing Rascal Flatt’s Fast Cars and Freedom.  He ran on stage all by himself and sang in front of a big group of strangers.
  • He loves our new church and the fact that we go twice on Sunday.  🙂
  • He is reading like crazy and loves the Magic Tree House books.
  • His favorite part of his school day is P.E.
  • He has a ton of energy and a sweet heart!

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