At two and a half…

This is me at two and a half:

  • I LOVE music. I am always dancing and singing. I know all of the words to most Alvin and the Chipmunk songs (Home and Bad Day are my favs) and The Jonas Brothers Year 3000. I also like to sing Silent Night, Jesus Loves Me, and Rock a bye Baby.
  • I don’t pronounce the letters L or R and add a th to the end of S words. For some reason mommy thinks this is adorable.
  • I am newly obsessed with Dora and Boots. I still love Oso and Manny, but Dora and Boots are it right now.
  • I am half way potty trained.
  • I love it outside and will play out there for hours. I like to ride my tricycle and am starting to peddle and I really like to play in the sand. I’m starting to like slides too.
  • I am obsessed with trains. We live near railroad tracks and I ask to go see the choo choo tracks all the time. My new favorite toy is my Geo Trax set from my brother. He gave them to me last week.
  • I still love to give hugs and kisses. Everyone says I’m a great hugger and kisser.
  • I can count to 10.
  • I’m finally starting to get used to my new house and church. Things changed a lot this summer!
  • I love my big brother and want to be just like him.
  • My favorite place to go is to “Papa’s Lake.” It’s so much fun there.
  • I love to read. I like to sit and look through the pictures and make up stories. I like for mommy and daddy to read me Berenstain Bear books. They are my favorite right now.
  • I still love my lemonade and want to drink it all the time.
  • I can be a bit of a ham. J

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  1. Blue, it’s so nice to get to know more about you. I think you’re a pretty special guy! I also think you are growing up to be a wonderful little man!

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