Christmas ’09…

We had a wonderful family Christmas this year! The boys slept in until 7:00, which is really something for these two!

Here they are opening the gift that Santa wanted them to open first:

It was a Wii. The big gift for the family this year. And it has been a big hit, I must say.


Luke has never really been into opening his presents. Last year he saw his tricycle, jumped on and then refused to open any other gifts. J This year, however, he zoomed through ripping them open! He loved it!

This picture sums up Luke’s morning:

He LOVED his rainboots from Nana and Papa and his marshmallow lollipop from some ladies at church.

The boys got a Disney Karaoke game with microphones from Santa and seemed to enjoy that. They have been loving the Wii and Luke even has won a game of bowling. And Daniel beats us every time we bowl together!

Dan’s parents came in for a visit on Christmas afternoon and the boys were thrilled! I don’t have a single picture to prove it though! Guess I got lazy with the camera.

We had a very nice, quiet, relaxing Christmas this year! Hope you did too.

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