Complete Randomness…

My mind is bouncing around like crazy lately! So, here are some completely random thoughts:

  • I think Luke has grown up this past week! He has started going potty all by himself, starting building with D3’s small Legos, and he played a Dora computer game today all by himself and scored like 200 points! How did he get so big?

  • I’m trying to get together a list of gift ideas for the boys for Christmas and their birthdays. Both boys’ birthdays are in December, so it can get crazy!

  • Loved the Country Music Awards last night. They really put on a heck of a show and we love Taylor Swift around here.

  • Our new loveseat and sofa came in! I really like them.  

    The Living Room is starting to take shape finally. 
  • I just paid $93 so I can take a “basic skills” test in December! Ugh! I’m trying to get my Teacher Certification here and I have to retake some tests that I took (and passed) in college. I think I might break out in hives at the thought of trying to do mathematical equations right now.

  • I love Project Runway and am happy with the top three! Go Carol Hannah!

  • Tomorrow is Friday! Woot!

    Happy Friday!

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