Thought I would share a few confessions today. No judging allowed!  🙂

  • I always seem to get sucked into this show.

    I don’t know what it is. I was never a 90210 fan, but for some crazy reason I enjoy this show.


  • I say crap entirely too much. The other day D3 was getting out the car and totally fell out the car and said “Oh, crap!” It’s become clear to me that I need to stop, because he said it again yesterday when he fell off of his bike. It sounds really bad coming out of a 6 year old mouth, so I guess this 31 year old should nix the word from the vocabulary.


  • I have been having an allergy problem or something with my eye and my contacts feel like splinters in my eye. It is really driving me crazy. Well, someone who will not be named- but he is 2 and lives in my house- broke my glasses a while back and I haven’t gotten them fixed. So, out of desperation yesterday I taped the arm back on my glasses until I can get them to the eye doctor to get fixed. I have only been wearing them around the house- no worries. J

    And I may or may not have run to the mailbox real quick with them on earlier and our new neighbor may or may not have stopped me in the yard to talk while I looked like someone off of Revenge of the Nerds.
  • The corner of our den looks like this

    And the breakfast nook looks like this

    Yet I’m writing a silly blog post. J Guess I should go finish unpacking…. Does it ever end?!

*pic courtesy of flickr

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