D3 is seven!!

I have a seven year old! That doesn’t even sound right! Daniel turned 7 last Thursday and was just a wee bit excited about the big occasion.

He woke up at the crack of dawn and got dressed for school and was ready to open some presents!

He’s all about Star Wars still, so he received several Star Wars gifts.

Here’s what Luke thought about getting up so early.

He was not thrilled at all with having to go to school. Your birthday should be a national holiday when you’re a kid, you know? J

I checked him out when I got off of work (about an hour early), so he was happy about that.

He had his Christmas Program that night. He had a speaking part and did a great job. His class’ song was super cute.

My dad was in a town near ours on business, so he came over to Daniel’s program. I didn’t tell D3 about it, so he was super surprised!

He asked for his usual Red Velvet cake for his birthday cake. What kid does this? J D3, that’s who. I actually made it from scratch this year. I used all of the red food color in the house and it was still more like Pink Velvet cake, but it was yummy!

Happy Birthday Daniel!! We love you very much!!!

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