Frivolous and not so Frivolous…

So, this morning I decided to kill some time on the internet- big shoker!- and ended up heading over the www.childrensplace.com. They already have their Easter clothes available. So cute. I think most years D3 has worn Children’s Place on Easter. And by the way- can you say wishful thinking?? I am so over the cold and ready for spring weather!

Anyway, so now I’m in ‘What should the boys wear at Easter’ mode. You know, highly important world-changing thinking happening with me.

So, I see a super cute sports coat (and D3 loves those things), so I think maybe this:

Cute and we already have the shirt and pants.

And then B can wear this:

Cute and we already own the shirt and pants. But then I thought- how many sweater vests can one boy own? So, maybe this?

But Easter is in April this year, so he will burn up.

So maybe no coat for D3 and this for B:

But I just don’t love it.

What a dilemma. Hee… Hee….

I still might do the sweater vest thing. I so love them on him.


Alright, so on to something far more important that what my kids might wear on Easter.

My family member Sharolyn (My husband’s dad’s cousin? Is that even right?). It doesn’t matter how she’s related, just know that sweet Sharolyn is doing something important in May. She is participating in the March of Dimes walk. Her info is on the side over there —–à
She needs help in reaching her goal. She is walking for her nephew who passed away last year and another that passed away 6 years ago.

She is also a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator and is donating 50% of her earnings between now and the end of April. You can click on her Stampin’ Up page and order directly on her site.

Have a great weekend!!

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  1. Wow! You are way ahead of me! I’m still trying to get ready for Valentine’s day! Madras is my favorite! Even Walmart and Target are carrying it this year! Mike even likes to wear madras shorts, so I make him match the boys (he won’t openly admit it, but he likes to match them)! I’m wondering if for Maggie I could just find a cute top to go with the tutu you made for her. It’s soooo pretty! So, back to Valentine’s Day – what did you do for the D3’s class valentines? Nate picked out some transformer ones from Walmart, but they are sooo teeny-tiny and don’t come with envelopes! I can’t believe how cheap they are getting! Maggie picked out some cute ones that have bible verses on them. I was surprised Walmart had something like that, but glad!

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