I hate stomach bugs…

So, last night we went to D3’s soccer game and everything was going just great. I tried to take pictures of him playing, but they turned out something like this:

He’s #3 by the way. D3 was actually playing his position and going after the ball- the game is so much different in first grade.

Anyway, little bit was doing awesome and sitting on his blanket playing with toys. So cute that I took his picture:

Awww…. Look at him lying down because it’s so late and he’s getting tired.

After this picture he crawled up in my lap and said he was ready for bed. Once again, awwww… you’re out late, that’s cute.

Then it came. Cough, cough, throw up, throw up, throw up.

Poor baby was majorly sick. L He was sick most of the night and is really not feeling well at all today.

I really think that someone can have a stomach bug within a 10 mile radius of us and one of my boys will catch it. Ugh!

Lots of laundry, baths, Lysol, and snuggling here today.

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