I Live With All Boys: Exhibit C…

We made a trip to Florida last week to visit Dan’s family and to celebrate his birthday in a special way (more on that later). Many hours spent in the car means, among many other things, stops for Happy Meals. The boys received some sort of Ice Age toy. After a little while I hear such a manly voice from the backseat. It gave me a good giggle. There are just some things born in a boy, I suppose.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

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  1. That’s how David talks when he plays with is toys! Seems like he’s done it since birth! Of course it doesn’t help that we buy him things that growl and roar! I don’t think I have any video of it – you’re good to have captured it! Just caught up on your blog. We are packing things up little by little and starting the move in T-minus 2 weeks! We have alot to do in the house before we actually start moving things. I’m hoping we can be totally settled by the Aug 17 – first day of school! Yikes!

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    Good luck with the move. I’m very glad to be done with it here. We still need to put pics up on the walls and we will be buying some furniture- probably next month. I’m hoping we will be here a while!

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