I will not be stressed… I will not be stressed…

That’s my mantra. I can’t decide if I’m in denial or being positive.

I have cookies baking as I’m sitting here writing (and a mess of laundry and dishes, but we won’t talk about that). I have a work Christmas party tonight and am taking cookies and a little gift to that. It’s always a good time!

Our Christmas cards are finally being printed and I need to pick those up this evening.

Daniel’s hair is super long and the boys need their second dose of flu shot.

My Christmas and birthday shopping (both boys birthdays are in December!) is almost done. J

Luke has his birthday snack at school on Tuesday and I have a co-workers birthday on Tuesday as well. That means food and a present for my co-worker and cupcakes for L’s class.

Thursday is Daniel’s actual birthday! He wants his usual Red Velvet Cake for this occasion. He is going to be 7 and I can’t believe it!! It is also my class Christmas party as well as Luke’s and that night is D3’s Christmas program.

Friday is D3’s class Christmas party. I don’t know what to make of this one- something was said about “healthy snacks.”

Saturday I’m taking the “basic skills” class in order to get my teaching certificate for this lovely state and then either Saturday or Sunday afternoon (we still haven’t decided!) we’re taking D3 and a couple of friends to a pizza place for pizza and games.

Then Monday D3 has a dentist appointment and we’re having a Christmas Open House for church leaders at our house.

Then it’s Christmas Eve service, Christmas Eve festivities, Christmas Day! and two days later Luke’s birthday.

I am so thankful for my MP3 player and Christmas songs this year. I’m sure I’m driving my family crazy with all my Christmas music listening, but it’s really helping to stay somewhat centered. December can be so busy, especially with two December babies, but it is such a special time and I don’t want to miss it with my To-do list!

I will not be stressed…. I will not be stressed…

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  1. I can sympathize! At least I only have 1 December birthday…but we also have our anniversary thrown in there. It’s a crazy month! Enjoy it and keep up that mantra. 🙂

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