In the motherhood…

So, sometimes you get yourself and both kids dressed and take the oldest to school and then head to run some Easter errands with the little one. And sometimes the little one is just in a bad mood.

Walking the aisles of Target involves lots of “I want… I want… I want…” So, maybe you give your two year old a crazy looking truck-shovel to hold so that you can look in peace.

And this actually works for about two aisles until Handy Manny is spotted and desired greatly by said two year old. Lots of screaming of “Manny, Manny, I want Manny” then insues. So, quickly you push the cart to another part of the store reassuring your child that he has Manny at home and that he can see him when we get there. After a little more of the ‘can’t find exactly what’s on your list’ and a whole lot more of the”I wants” you decide that there is no way any Easter supplies are getting purchased here and decide it’s time to go.

So, you take the truck shovel out of the back of the cart where it was tossed and put it on the shelf (you would never put it on a random shelf just so you could get the heck out of the store 😉 ) which then leads to a screaming, trying to get out of the cart fit of “I want boat, I want boat, me. Boat me.” Uhm… apparently the shovel truck looked like a boat.

Finally, finally you make it out of Target where you think maybe a snack would help the situation so that shopping can be finished. After all, snacks usually improve your kid’s moods tremendously. So, off to get chicken minis and a lemonade for the ‘has to be starving’ kiddo.

After the little chicken mini is rejected and the sippy cup of lemonade gets tossed with a “Not lemonade, want lemonade!” You decide to forget it and drive the 20 minute trek home and pray there are still Easter supplies to be bought when your husband can watch your kids!

Oprah had a great show on Monday dealing with motherhood. It was done in a light hearted, but honest way and I really enjoyed it. I have my times of crazy motherhood each day- when it’s not all sunshine. You love your kids like crazy, but some days there is just more of this:

Than this:

I am hoping that after a little of this:

Our day will turn around. 🙂

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  1. Your best post yet! I LOVED Monday’s Oprah and hope they frequently do more of those. I thought about sending in a video recording of my stories, but am too afraid that soon after social services would be at my door!

    Our “almost two” is getting up after we put him to bed. So, we have adopted the Super Nanny approach to getting him to stay in his bed. Took about half an hour this afternoon. I know his tantrums will also be horrible – he is so loud anyway!

    Our four and a half year old seems to have a twinge of adolescence and has become somewhat defiant of his once adored mommy! He is experiencing his first “grounding” and I’m so glad that a friend came over today to ask him to play. I felt horrible to tell the little boy no, but was glad that Nate could see I meant business! Did this happen with D3 as he approached 5? It is so, so weird. Nate is our “good kid” (not playing favorites, but he’s just always been good natured).

    I’m using our spring break time as sort of a reform session. I’ve let things slide in the behavioral department just because my focus has been elsewhere (moving, buying houses, selling houses, finding jobs, etc). I’m now seeing I need to nip it in the bud before it turns into something worse – alcohol, smoking, satanic music, etc!

    *sigh* Oh how I wish I too had a cruise coming up! 🙂

  2. Oh, and one more thing (not sure when you are going to read all this). As much as I hate it, I have to frequent Wal-Mart (I love them for their prices but our Wal-Mart is NOT a pleasant one). Every time I go with the kids (which is pretty much 99.9% of the time) I walk up and down the toy aisles. We look and check things out – I confess, I like to see the cool, new toys that are out! The first few times I suffered through the screaming, crying “I wants.” Now, they have learned to say “cool, I’ll ask for that for my birthday!”

    I knew I would have to do this when they started going nuts over the toy commercials at Christmas. David’s first phrase was “I want that!” Bad, bad, bad!

    But I can’t leave all bad stuff about my kids on your blog. On a good note, Maggie is totally cute right now. She’s into hopscotch, dress up, and sidewalk chalk. One thing about SC that I LOVE is the bird music. We have one of the widest ranges of bird species in the US. It’s so wonderful to sit outside and listen to all the different chirps and whistles. So, the other day, Maggie walks outside and in her teeny little voice says “Mommy, I hear Snow White’s birds!” I melted!

  3. Post

    I love reading comments. 🙂 I had to have a chuckle over the question of was D3 defiant. Uhm, yes. 🙂 Year 4 was so rough. He started calming down a bit after 5 and really in Kindergarten. He still has his moments of defiance. We had to really buckle down at 4 with daily charts and a behavior system. Bless his heart, he’s super confident and doesn’t put a lot of stock in people’s opinions (which will be good as he gets older) so he can be a toughy to discipline. And the 2 year old is a ball of fire! He’s so lovey and so loud and rough all at the same time. And if I’m the least bit distracted and not focusing on either of them, all heck breaks loose.
    Too cute about Snow White’s birds.

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