it’s a small world after all…

Last week we headed down to Florida for a short visit with Dan’s parents and his brothers and their families. It was a nice, but quick trip! The boys were just a bit excited about their Florida trip.

We’re stopped at a gas station here- don’t worry, D3 wears his seatbelt. 😉

This year Disney is running a promotion where you get in free on your birthday, so of course, Dan could not pass that by. J It didn’t take a whole lot to convince me either. It was the perfect little getaway after moving and unpacking for weeks and trying to get a little one acclimated to a house he wasn’t sure he liked! B can still get into Disney for free (until 3 years), so we only had to buy tickets for me and D3.

The boys (and their parents) had a blast! D3 was a trooper and stayed awake and in a great mood for the entire, long day.

B has been before, but really understood what was going on this year. He did not like Snow White’s Scary Adventures, the Haunted Mansion or the Barnstormer. He loved just about everything else, with the Winnie the Pooh ride being his absolute favorite. (He is still asking to ride it!)

Checking out it’s a small world.

On the carousel.

This isn’t the best picture here, but we took a snack break at Pinocchio’s which is right beside it’s small world. You can sit at the window and watch the people riding the ride. B sat close to the window for the longest time eating his snack and waving at the people floating by.

B is our little adventurous one and loves to go fast, so we just knew he would love the little kiddie roller coaster, the Barnstormer. Well….. not so much. I decided to take one for the team and ride with the family even though I don’t like roller coasters and let’s just say mommy wasn’t a fan either. 😉

Here’s the ‘I didn’t like it, but I’m a big boy and rode anyway!’ face.

And here’s the ‘I LOVED it!’ face.

Somehow even though it was 100 degrees and super crowded, we hit almost every ride we wanted to.

Since it was Dan’s birthday, he got a Happy Birthday button. Everyone kept telling him happy birthday and even the little moving, talking garbage can in Tomorrowland sang Happy Birthday to him. B kept patting the button throughout the day and saying Happy Birthday Daddy. It was sweet!

A great day was had by all! The next day were able to spend some time with Dan’s brothers, their wives and kiddos before we had to head home. We finally got to meet our newest nephew also. I have no pictures to document this, though! I’ve become quite the blogging slacker this summer.

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