Jack o’ Lantern fun…

This past Saturday was perfect pumpkin carving weather! It was cool out, so the boys and I got our pumpkin and started the jack o’ lantern.

Daniel + a knife= scary image.

He did great though, and cut an opening at top of the pumpkin.

Ignore my rusty old outdoor furniture. It really needs painting or replacing!


Scooping out pumpkin guts. J

This would be the first time in his 6 year old life that he actually touched the pumpkin pulp.

The boys were over messing with the pumpkin before all of the pulp was out and started drawing with chalk!

So, I carved alone. We chose Mickey Mouse this year.

We might do another that’s a traditional jack o’ lantern… or we might not. 😉

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  1. D3’s hood really makes the knife holding photo SCARY! Ha! As for the rusty patio furniture, try a little navel jelly (to get the existing rust off) and a can of Rustoleum! We just revived some of our furniture that way and it was really easy and inexpensive!

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