Lovin’ the South…

I was driving home from work today and stopped for a funeral procession. As I was sitting there, I started thinking about how much I love that people do this in the south. It made me think of other things I love about the south. Here are a few:

*sweet tea

* saying “y’all” and “bless their heart”

*cornbread and grits (maybe not together!)

*waving at people you don’t even know, because it’s polite

*saying “yes ma’am” and “yes sir”

* road-side boiled peanut stands

*sweet, sing-song, slow speech

I’m sure there are a bunch more! What do you love about your region of the world? Anything to add to my southern list?

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  1. I love that too. UNfortunatley I was IN a procesion last week. IN 38 years my husband had not been in one. Weird. Anyway, he was taken back by the cars that stopped on both sides of the road…and glad that he now knows proper procession etiquette.
    I did a post a long time ago on my favorites of living int he south. You can search my blog, if you are so inclined,key word, south (that should find it.)We are lucky!

  2. Love your new spring colors! It’s snowing as I write this, so no spring for awhile for us. Which is actually ok, we’re enjoying our first winter back in Michigan, much more snow then we had in Florida, and even Alaska, and for snowmobiling that’s a good thing! I know we’ll have fun with spring when it does make it to our little corner of the world! I really enjoy keeping up with y’all on your blog and appericate the mention of my March for Babies! Enjoy your sunshine!

  3. Post

    Thanks, Sharolyn. Dan changed it for me and is working on getting rid of some of the other blue stuff that remained. I am so ready for Spring and want this warm weather to stick around- even though I’m sure we’ll get more cool weather. I didn’t know Michigan got more snow than Alaska. Is that typical? You can tell I know nothing about areas where there is snow!

  4. This is one of the reasons we moved to SC. Tampa may be in the south, but the people there are NOT southerners! We are really enjoying the laid back, no hurry, polite lifestyle! I smiled so big the first time Nate’s teacher corrected him from saying “ya” to “yes ma’am!”

    I also stopped last week for a funeral procession. I was caught off guard at first because a police officer whipped into the middle of an intersection and halted all traffic. Then I saw the caravan of cars with their lights on. At the time silly things were running through my mind – like what I’m going to make for dinner, what neighborhood we want to live in, and when I’m going to shop for summer clothes. Seeing the procession quickly brought me back to reality and made me think about my family and my relationship with God. It’s amazing how unnecessary everything else becomes when I think of those two things!

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