My week: the recap…

We started our week with our very first Sunday at our new church. Everything went very well and I think things are going to be wonderful there. Dan led a great service and I was excited to send B to the nursery before service started! J He didn’t cry the first tear (which is rare for him) instead he just played and had a great time. We did not have a church nursery and Dan’s previous appointment, so this was a wonderful treat! D3 enjoyed his morning as well. I’m very proud of my husband for going to seminary and graduating and now pouring his heart into the ministry of our new church. (I can brag on my husband here, right?)

My parents came to visit Monday to see D3 play t-ball. Instead they saw a bunch of this:

My dad was off this week and wanted to catch D3’s ballgame, but it rained the whole day. The pool was broken at the Rec Center, so D3 missed swim lessons also. So, sports were a bust that day.
We did have fun hanging out, shopping, and eating Mexican food, however.

After a successful trip to Hobby Lobby on Tuesday (is there ever an unsuccessful trip to Hobby Lobby??) I watched the Michael Jackson memorial service. I sat through the whole thing like I had to and goodness is the whole story just sad. I don’t think anyone could watch his daughter without crying.

And as much as I hate to admit it, Wednesday was one of those summer days where I was wishing school was back in session. I felt guilty, but my kiddos were driving me c-r-azy that day. They were fighting and disobeying and I was very glad that we had nowhere to be that involved the public. B seemed to forget that he was almost potty trained as well. Ugh. The pool was fixed and swim lessons started, so that was a plus that day.

Thursday, thank the Lord, was so much better than Wednesday. We had swim lessons, our monthly Sam’s run and then the kids played (nicely!!) the rest of the day. Totally low-key which was much needed.

D3 had swim lessons again on Friday and then I went to lunch with a friend sans kids. It was such a nice, quiet lunch- well minus our gabbing. I spent the rest of the day working in the yard and now I’m exhausted! I had the ever so balanced dinner of:

California Bean Dip. After my big lunch, this was a yummy dinner. Obviously I have a thing for chips and dip, since this post contains two pics! J

Well, I’m off to relax, hope everyone has a great weekend!

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