New babies and prayer…

Yesterday, thanks to technology, I followed the birth of 2 sweet babies.  Thanks to wireless internet connections, laptop computers, facebook, and blogs, Mom’s can journal through labor and keep others informed of what’s going on many miles away.  Very cool.

My sisiter-in-law gave birth to her second baby boy yesterday- congrats to Mom, Dad, and big brother!!!  We now have another sweet boy in the family.  Can’t wait to meet him!

Technology cannot only help you keep in touch with those you know, it can also introduce you to others that you don’t know.

I also followed the birth of Harper at Kelly’s Korner.  I don’t know Kelly, but follow her blog. She is such a sweet person and has been waiting for this baby for a long time.  The baby was born with pneumonia and is in critical condition. She was flown to a Children’s Hospital.  Please pray for this family.

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  1. It was fun to follow the birth of LJP on Facebook on Friday!

    I will keep Harper in my prayers. What a tough way to have to face one’s first few days of life.

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