Nostalgia and the missing nap…

I’ve been going through pictures from the past year and ordering prints – yes I’m a year behind! I cannot get over how fast kids grow! It is just crazy.

Where did this baby go?

D3 is really growing up too and looses that baby face more and more each day. Being a mom is so bitter sweet.

I just made a photo book at W@lmart dot com. I’ve never made one of those before, but I hope it turns out cute. I made a book of our Disney family vacation from last May. What a great time we had.

Anyway, I’ve been all nostalgic this week while working on those projects.

When I was taking D3’s 100 Day book out of the scanner, I noticed the back of the What I would like 100 of page:


There really were 100 pepper spray bottles. If you have no idea what the heck I’m talking about, you can read about it here.

Dan just received word yesterday that he passed his Board of Ordained Ministry interview process and is now (or will be in June, I suppose) a provisional Elder for the United Methodist Church. I hope I said that all right. Basically, he is right on track to becoming ordained in 2 years. This was big news and I’m so proud of him! He has worked so hard and spent so many hours last semester working on his commissioning paperwork and then had to interview in front of several committees.

B is still not napping well. It is really driving this momma crazy! He napped an hour Monday, but only 20 minutes yesterday. Saturday he took a 2 hour nap in his crib and Sunday no nap. Ugh. Any ideas are welcome!!

Oh, and if you don’t read Kelly’s blog (although I think most of the world doesJ) baby Harper is doing a lot better. She is opening her eyes now and is a complete doll. Click over there and check out the power of prayer!

Happy Wednesday!

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