So, my family is obsessed with a few things:

Can you guess which picture goes with which family member? And it’s not only the children. J

My littlest guy wakes up every morning requesting two things: Oso and a poptart. He is obsessed, I’m telling you. He might win the award for the most obsessed family member when it comes to his great loves. I’m starting to miss Handy Manny

Where have you gone Manny? I am now watching a unique stuffed bear morning noon and night. <sigh>

Then we come to my dear D3. He would play video games all the time if I would let him. I won’t. He can only play in 30 minute intervals on the weekends. Now that summer is about to hit here, I’m going to have to come up with new rules.

He came home singing with much gusto the other day. Apparently they are practicing graduation songs and the Kindergarten is singing Put a Little Love in Your Heart. He is in love with this song. I downloaded the exact version they’ve been practicing (The Kids Bop one- oh dear) to his MP3 player. He will keep that song on repeat singing away.

I’m totally going to cry at his graduation, by the way. I can hardly stand a group of kids singing sweet songs like this.

And last but not least the mom and dad around here are obsessed with Disney World. We knew we were, but I’m just realizing how much we love the place. We usually go yearly, but are going to miss out this year because of the cruise. Well, Dan realized that he can get in free on his birthday in June and is pushing for a one day visit. And who am I to tell the birthday boy no? 😉 We could also visit his parents, brothers, their wives and kiddos and meet our newest nephew. Sounds like fun to me.

We might need an interviention around here.

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