Our Three Words…

My week in three words:

Summer is wrapping up around here and this week has been full of all sorts of errands to get ready for school.  School supplies were bought, heads of hair cut, classrooms set up, we’ve met the teacher and are just about ready to go.

We’ve had a full week around here preparing for the new school year.  D3 is changing schools since we have moved and he is so excited.  I love that about him!  He said that his new school is “freaking him out, because it sounds so great.”  🙂  We met his teacher on Thursday and he is super excited now.  His teacher seems great, but I *cannot* believe that he is going into first grade!  The room just seems so much older than Kindergarten.  We brought his school supplies:


He got to put those away while I filled out paperwork.  He has to have a clear or mesh backpack at this new school, so we went shopping and he fell in love with this one:


Much to my chagrin.  I was hoping for something a little less…. I dunno… clear.  Oh well, he loves it.

B is starting the 2 year old class.  I’m excited for him and praying that he does well there.  He’s not big on change AT ALL, so I’m praying that he loves it and warms up to it quickly.  I got him the cutest lunch box the other day. 

 Stephen Joseph Monkey Lunch Box

I’ve also starting working in my room and organinzing my teaching things.  We start preschool a week after D3 starts school, so I still have a little while, but it takes a while to get things ready!

It’s hard to belive that the start of school is here!  Where did our summer go??

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