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My week in three words:
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The big news around our house was D3 starting the first grade!  He was super excited and then got very nervous the first day.  He didn’t sleep a whole lot that night, but seemed to have a great first day.

Here he is that first morning:

He’s been having a bit of a hard time warming up to the idea of going to school each morning.  I’m sure it’s tough moving to a new school in a new grade and not knowing everyone.  It can also be a rude awakening when summer is over… sitting in class vs. playing outside all day!   I’m sure he will come around!

We’ve had the big first grade adjustment this past week… now coming up is the two year old class adjustment.  (And the 4 year old teacher with a new class adjustment).  Hope we have good news to report. 🙂

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  1. Have you compared last year’s first day of school photo to this year’s? He looks so much bigger! I just dropped Nate off for kindergarten…*sigh*

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