Our Three Words: Christmas Week Edition…

My week in three words:

This has been the ultimate week for ups and downs.
My Mawmaw passed away on the morning of Christmas Eve.
The kids were beyond excited about Santa’s arrival that night.
We had a great family Christmas at home on Christmas Day. The boys were thrilled with their gifts and it was a nice, relaxing day.
The day after Christmas was my Mawmaw’s funeral.
The day after that (the 27th) was Luke’s 3rd birthday. He had an awesome day of playing as we celebrated his little life.

It was a week of sadness and happiness rolled into one. It was a week of celebrating lives. It was a week of family.

My Pawpaw, Mawmaw, Mom, Me, and Daniel as a baby.

My Mawmaw and Luke as a baby.

I’m very fortunate that my Mawmaw got to know my boys and love them! And I’m thrilled they got to know her.

She is a super special lady.

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