Random is my middle name…

Some people thrive off of a busy schedule, packing each moment with something… I am not one of those people. We have been so steady busy around here and it’s left little time for my blog! I miss it here. 😉 I actually have a few moments, so here are a few random tidbits:

  • D3 had Field Day yesterday which was super cute. His class was so excited and cheering each other on. I remember when I was in elementary school they switched to field day games where there was no clear winner/loser, but D3’s field day was full of relay races and I loved it. The kids had a ball and won some and lost some. I think it’s great to teach kids how to win and also how to lose. Fun was had by all!

  • This week’s Grey’s Anatomy reminded me of Nicholas Sparks’ A Walk to Remember
    (LOVE his books, by the way). I cried through that entire book and through most of Grey’s! They will find some sort of miracle cure for Izzy, right? And I love Denny, but I can’t stand to see him coming around now!
  • Adam was great on American Idol Tuesday, even though he still gives me the creeps. And my beloved Danny did great until the end and then gracious what kind of note was that? He was super brave though and went for it. Then had the best attitude laughing at his horrible note. I don’t know who will win- it’s the best top 5 (3 now) I’ve seen. I can, however, tell you who the judges want to win. They were totally trying to stack an Adam/Allison finale.
  • I can’t stand allergy/sinus problems. Ugh.
  • I’m so excited for Dan’s graduation Monday. The kids are excited about pizza and cake afterward. J
  • We’re getting an extra day at sea and a little more time at Key West on our cruise. The cruise line decided to pass up Cozumel. Thank you cruise line!

My moment of quiet and blog time has come to an end. I must go take care of children (can you imagine?) and run errands and pack boxes…

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