Randomness in list form…

  • I get to meet with an ENT at the end of the month for allergy testing after my crazy allergic reaction last week. We think it was the small amount of Worcestershire sauce in the dinner.
  • I’m allergic to fish and apparently Worcestershire Sauce has anchovies in it. Who knew.
  • I have a new found dislike of Worcestershire Sauce.
  • The catchiness of Single Ladies is about to make my head explode.
  • I don’t even love the song, I just can’t get it out of my head.
  • When your kid starts school, they learn new words such as “that rocks” “that sucks” and “ding-a-ling”
  • Only one of those phrases is okay to say at our house.
  • Taking 2 kids to the pediatrician’s office by yourself is physically exhausting!
  • My child is able to scream louder than most other children.  It’s a gift.
  • Little one had the start of a double ear infection and possibly rotavirus.
  • Poor guy has been miserable, but is starting to get better.
  • All children’s medicine should be in dissolving strip or dissolving chewable form.
  • I thought LOST was supposed to have no repeats. So disappointing to sit down to a repeat.
  • Flipped over to American Idol and saw Jasmine and Jorge get the boot. I’m good with it.
  • I like Danny. Who is everyone liking?
  • Spring Break is next week- lake here we come!

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  1. *Deep Breath* …I can’t believe that about the worcestershire sauce (and I just learned how to spell it, too)! I didn’t know anchovies were in it. That could very well explain some of Mike’s reactions to only some seafood. Gotta love Beyonce for her clean music, but they totally over play it and then things like “wuh uh oh oh oh oh” get stuck in your head FOREVER! I still have my kids convinced that “butt,” “shut up” and “stupid” are really bad words – Maggie always gasps and whispers “that’s a bad word,” whenever she hears them! I always take all three kids to the doc whenever we go. I find that with the triple chaos, they are better about getting us in and out! The loud screaming would help, too! Did B get the rotavirus vaccine? David was the first one to get it in our family. They didn’t offer it before he was born, so we suffered through Nate & Mag’s viruses! Rotavirus is worse than the flu. Our entire house (including a guest) got it when I was prego with Mag. It is a violent virus that I wouldn’t wish on anyone! Give B a hug for us. Can’t relate on the medicine – my kids love it. Maggie even asks for it whenever anyone else is taking it! They’ve done the same thing with Grey’s Anatomy. It is disappointing, but I guess even the writers need a vacation! We like Danny, too. Our spring break is still a month away. We’re thinking about heading to mom and dad’s so maybe we can get together! …*Exhaling*

  2. Ha! I love that you responded to each of my random, scattered thoughts. 🙂 I agree that rotavirus might be worse than the flu. Poor little guy was screaming and crying for 3 straight days with his tummy. All they did at the pedi office was call his name and he started screaming as loud as he could. I guess he thought he was getting a shot or something. I dunno.

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