Randomness: The December 2009 Edition…

Here are a few random things that I haven’t blogged about. A few other things that have happened this December:

  • The Mickey Mouse Christmas Obsession.

    Luke has watched Mickey’s Once and Twice Upon a Christmas at least once daily if not more and we have just about worn out our Mickey Christmas CD. These were definitely a favorite this year!! The $6 I spent on that CD was six of the best dollars I’ve spent in a while. J He has all of the songs memorized.

  • I was able to sneak in and out of Luke’s Christmas Party (my class Christmas party was going on at the same time). His little class is too cute! They made crafts and ate and sang. At his Thanksgiving Program of the 20 two year olds at his school, 19 of them wore turkey feathers. Can we guess which child refused? Well, they thought he would be the same way with his little reindeer antlers for the party, but he wasn’t. I thought he looked like a doll!
  • We had a couple of D3’s friends over the Friday after his birthday for a little party. Dan put together a great game and boys made their dessert cookies and ate dinner. They all seemed to have a great time! L was never far behind the boys with the famous little brother line: “Wait for me!”

    One of D3’s friends gave him a Nerf gun and he was thrilled. He had to strike a pose for me.
  • Our family lit the Advent Candle at church this past Sunday. The boys did well. Luke cooperated and Daniel read his line. I tried to get a pic of the boys in their ‘Sunday Best’ which involved a lot of them hollering “Cheese” and “Merry Christmas” at the camera.

    After lunch they went to play a video game for a few minutes before nap, but I guess little man couldn’t make it.

  • The other day Dan was tickling Luke and he was squealing and giggling then all of a sudden he started saying “Help me baby Jesus! Help me!” It was too funny. I guess he’s been taking in all of the Jesus coming into the world to help us talk. J So cute.

    The kids have had such a joyful Christmas season this year!

    Merry Christmas!

P.S. My Mawmaw is back in the hospital (from the Nursing home) with double pneumonia. We went up to see her for a little bit yesterday. She is mostly sleeping and is super weak and sick. L

She passed away this morning. We are taking comfort in the fact that she is no longer suffering .

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