Responsiblity is tough…

I hate to totally rat out my kiddo, but this blog is my scrapbook of sorts and I want to look back in several years and remember what our life was like with a first grader and a two year old. 

My dear sweet D3:

Let’s just say that his organizational skills are nowhere near as good as his comedic skills.

I picked him up from school on Tuesday and we are walking to the car and he says “Oops, I forgot my lunchbox.”  Fine, we go back in the school and he grabs it.

I go get him Wednesday and notice there is no lunchbox in his backpack.  “Where’s your lunchbox?”  “I don’t know, I can’t find it.” <sigh> 
In the school we go on a lunchbox hunt.  Not in the classroom, not in the cafeteria… “Oh yea, it’s by the bathroom.”  So, off we go to the bathroom when I notice he does not have his workfolder in his backpack. 
“Go get your folder, and I’ll get your lunchbox.”  So, off he goes to get his folder and then we headed home.  When we got home I opened his folder to get out his homework- no homework.  “Oops, I forgot it.”  <another big sigh>  “If I don’t do my homework, I don’t get Terrific Thursday!” (aka snack and a movie)  Tough lesson, but one he needed to learn, right?

Thursday I pick him up and he beams and shows me his lunchbox.  “I remembered.”  Great. We get home, I unpack his bag for homework…. no folder or homework!!  Seriously?!! 

This is how I felt at that point:

What happened to that lesson I thought he learned the day before? (Oh, and his teacher did let him go to Terrific Thursday despite the goof with the homework).

Soooo…. he had to forfeit $.25 of his allowance (he gets $.50 a day in a jar- as long as he earns it- and collects at the end of the week).  I drove him back up to his school and he went in and got his folder and homework.  So, we got to come straight home and do math problems and study for a spelling test. 

This learning responsiblity stuff is tough… on everyone!  And there better be a folder and a lunchbox in the backpack today. 

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  1. Ha! It must be hereditary! We have been all over town searching for Nate’s lunch box! He left it on the bus in the MORNING – had to buy lunch at school (which he does not like) – and he has a different bus bring him home in the afternoon, so off to the bus barn (30 mins away) we went! The lady there said she sent it with another bus driver. Well, 2 days later we finally got it back!

    So, how much allowance has D3 lost to date? How is B doing with school? Today was David’s first day not shedding a tear! Hooray!

    Hugs to all!

  2. I can only imagine if we rode the bus. That would be one more place to lose something! He only lost allowance for making me go back to the school the one day… now for other things he’s lost a few times. 🙂 B is doing better with school. He still cries when I drop him off, but he didn’t on Thursday! Maybe he’s over it… that would be nice.

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