Saturday morning…

My kids got up at 5:00 and 5:45 Saturday morning. What the heck? When do kids start to sleep in? Any day now will do.

So, I fix toast and jelly in my half-asleep state, because the little one thinks you have to eat breakfast the moment you wake up.

Around 7:30 the tornado sirens start going off, so I turn on the weather and watch to see where the storms are and where they are moving. We stayed close to the closet we were ready to hop into and watched as they said several tornados were touching down about 10 miles away. Then they said that a funnel cloud had been spotted about 3 miles west of us moving east, so we all crammed in the closet.

There ended up being no damage right around us, thank the Lord.

After that ordeal, I went to the computer to check the weather radars and then headed back into the kitchen when I spotted this:

Uhm…. what the heck is on my hardwoods? My mind starts wandering as I walk into the kitchen and spot this:

Yea, remember the grape jelly from our early morning breakfast? Well, apparently someone decided to take it off the counter and plop spoonfuls of jelly through the living room and kitchen.

An entire jar of grape jelly.

Then after discovering he’s made quite the mess, he decides to grab some paper towels and clean up.

So, I take super sticky boy for an inpromptu bath while Dan and D3 wipe up jelly. Then I mop the floor.

All before 10:00 am.

My how things change when you’re a mommy. I would have just been rolling out of bed at 10:00 pre children.

That was just our morning, by the way. I’ll have to blog about the rest of our day later.

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  1. Now that’s funny! I don’t believe my kids ever actually did something like that…well, at least not that I remember.

    When do they start sleeping in? When they’re teenagers! At that time, nothing – not a tornado warning, not a bomb, not even their favorite breakfast – will shake them out of bed!

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