Saturday, Part Deux…

I’ve had a crazy week this week, so I haven’t posted all week. I know all two of you are so disappointed. I had some sort of weird allergic reaction on Tuesday night and had to go to the Urgent Care and have been on steroids and antihistamines all week. I can’t even take a Tylenol without getting sleepy, so needless to say, the antihistamine knocks me out. Between doctor appointments and work and passing out because I’m a medicine wuss, I haven’t been able to finish my Saturday post. And again, I know all two of you have been waiting with bated breath. (Oh, and can I say wuss on my blog- or is that offensive? J)

After crazy tornados on Saturday and the Great Jelly Incident ’09, the fam got ready to go meet my parents for the afternoon. We live about 2 hours from each other, so we decided to meet in the middle for lunch and a little hang out time in the afternoon. We met at Applebees and my dad and I had this:






Oh my gosh, was it yummy. We talked about it all afternoon. Ha!

Then Dan and I had the bright idea that we could take the kids to play at Chuck E Cheese, since it had been so rainy outside. They could play and we could hang out a little longer. Yea, that place is a zoo! It was especially crazy on a rainy Saturday afternoon. The kids of course had a ball.

We got completely saturated with that place just in time. It was in a bit of a shady neighborhood (aren’t most CEC- or is that just me?). Anyway, all of a sudden a group of people start hollering and getting in each others’ faces and then jump over a little wall with everyone screaming ‘take it outside.’ So, that was fairly exciting and sad. I mean, grown people getting in a fight at Chuck E Cheese on a Saturday with a bunch of kids around.

So, we ditched CEC and headed to an outdoor mall, so I could get the kids Easter outfits.

I don’t know what my rush is with the Easter clothes, but I just loved that patchwork design at Children’s Place, so I went ahead and got the shorts for little one and the tie for D3.

After a bit of shopping, we went to get the kids some ice cream (ha- and ourselves) . Yummy.

WE then said our goodbyes and headed home.

Last Sunday we ended up with at least 4 inches of snow and this weekend it is supposed to be in the high 70s. Crazy southern weather for you! J

Have a great weekend!!

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  1. Sounds like our weather has been similar to yours –snow on Monday and 75 degrees tomorrow!

    Sorry you had such a strange allergic reaction. I hope you’re feeling much better now.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I think you all attract “action!” Underground explosions in Savannah – fights at CEC!!! Cute outfits for the boys. I was sad to learn last night that Nate and David have outgrown one pair of their madras plaid shorts! Seems like everyone is growing so much faster this year!

    I can’t believe you had such a bad reaction. What did you eat? Mike’s throat starts to close up if he eats some fresh seafood (we haven’t quite pinpointed it yet). We make sure to have Benadryl handy, but of course after taking that he is also useless (sound asleep)!

    Oh, and look – four posts, so you definitely have more than TWO readers! 🙂

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