Snow Day…

Tornados on Saturday and we wake up to snow on Sunday!

It has snowed non-stop here today, which is very rare. It snowed a bit last year, but nothing like this.

The boys have had a ball with the ‘no’ as little one calls it.

This one was before it really started sticking:

A view of our snow covered church from our front yard:

Dan & D3 built a cool snowman. J

All of the family members got in on the fun. Our poor little dog didn’t know what to make of the snow and did a face plant the minute he ran outside.

Everyone is tuckered out from all the snow play and napping right now. Maybe I should join them. Ya’ know I love a good nap.

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  1. The dog’s face plant was hilarious. He took off out the door running and about four strides in, seemed to realize the ground was different, and he expected to run on the surface of the snow. Instead, he sunk, and went face first into the snow. I thought he was going to do a somersault. He made a quick correction, though, and went tearing through the yard, kicking up snow everywhere.

    Our little black dog then came in the house with white legs and face. I discovered that it is nearly impossible to brush snow off of a poodle.

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