I’m having the hardest time keeping the blog updated lately!  We’ve been so busy lately!  D3 has been playing soccer for the past couple of weeks.  His first game came on the heels of a week where it rained everyday.  It was just awful! 

We thought we had a sunny morning for the game, but about half way through it starting raining.

He’s in the first/second grade group this year, so the field is bigger, the coach is on the sideline and they play when it’s raining.  🙂

The games are so different this year than in Kindergarten.  They are really starting to understand the game.  Dan is coaching this year, which is think is great!

Here’s a pic of little man in the car after the game.  He doesn’t look like it here, but he loves going to the games and watching his big brother.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s not playing next year.  🙂

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