Spring Break at the lake…

We’ve been out at my parent’s lake place for Spring Break for the past several days. Monday we were cooped up all day because of rain, but yesterday and today the kids were able to play outside and have had a ball. They love it out there.

We took the kids on a walk, to the park, on a picnic, to feed the ducks and several golf cart rides yesterday. The golf cart is the little one’s favorite. He is forever asking to go “ride ride.”

After an evening golf cart ride with Papa that involved hitting several mud puddles head on (golf cart mudding?) the boys washed the golf cart. They took the golf cart washing very seriously. J

Oh, we were also visited by leprechauns yesterday. They made a huge mess through part of the cabin and left behind some golden chocolate (Rolos). D3 loved that they came and little one had no idea what was going on, but was okay with it as long as it involved eating chocolate!

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  1. Looks like such a good time! And how fun that the leprechauns came to visit you there!

    Love those golf cart pictures, too!

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