Summer Days and Eric Carle pictures…

Well, we’ve hit the point in the summer where we are in need of things to do! J I know a lot of kiddos start complaining about being bored right about now… not my kids.

When they have nothing to do, they don’t complain, they just start screaming and wrestling. <sigh>

They are doing good for the most part, there are just times in the day when they need more direction than others. I made these little idea sheets for D3:

When he seems to be lacking direction, I tell him to look at his chart and choose something to do. This has actually worked for the most part.

I’m actually really bad about doing projects with my kids. As a preschool teacher, you would think I would have all sorts of cute little projects to do with them, but I don’t think to do that very often. Maybe I’ll start doing that more! I wanted to to do something with D3 this week, and found a great art project.

I got the idea here for Eric Carle style art.

The first day we painted a big sheet of moving wrapping paper. I love that stuff for kids to paint on- it’s huge and they can make big strokes without painting all over the table. We painted big blocks of separate colors.

I didn’t think to take a pic of the paper before we started cutting it up for our project, so this was a picture of pieces of paper that we cut up once it was dry.

We let the painted paper dry over night.

The next day, we cut out the pieces that we needed for our picture from the painted paper and glued them onto pieces of posterboard.

D3 made a picture of me. J

I made a lovely flower. J

I thought the final products turned out pretty cool using the painted paper. It was fun and a good way to spend… I dunno… an hour of our day. 😉

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  1. So I’m buying a couple things at the farmer’s market today and a guy asked if we were having a good summer. My response was “yes, but I’m ready for school to start!” Another lady came up behind me and said the SAME thing!

    I’m so excited about school. I’ve been working in my classroom and found out today I have 12 kids – and only 8 of them are attending all 5 days!

    Love the artwork! I have been buying art “float frames” from Michael’s whenever I have a 20% off coupon. I have a couple of them with the kids’ artwork and it looks amazing! Great way to display their adorable creations (like the one of you above)!

    How are you liking your new house? Can’t wait for all of us to be settled! Hugs to all!

  2. I do like the routine that school brings. You’ll have major routine with your new kindergartener too! I really can’t believe he is going to be in K! That’s awesome that you’ll have 12 max. Do you have an assistant? I love working part time- it really gives us something to do.
    We are loving the new house and its location. We are close to everything, which is so nice. Good luck with the move!

  3. GOOD IDEA!! I need to use this w/my little man ~ cuz we’re getting to that point as well. *sigh*

    Come stop by my blog ~ I’m sharing a tasty thing I found that works for me and my daughter, which you’ll see LOL. Plus I have a little info on a Non-BlogHer party going on with GIVEAWAYS and fun!! http://www.garibaysoup.com

  4. hi there! visiting from WFMW – great ideas! I’m always looking for new/fun things to do with my kiddos. I’ve just begun talking with my 4 year old about authors and that he has lots of books by the same author (one eric carle!) so this would be a super fun project that I think even he could do.

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