Thanksgiving Kid Crafts…

Last year I wrote this post about Thanksgiving crafts. Here are a few more Thanksgiving ideas that I either do in my class or would like to!

There is a great set of November printables at abcschoolhouse.

You could use one of the printable turkeys for a Turkey Glyph. This is one of my favorite activities to do with my kids. It really makes them learn to listen to directions.

This is the glyph that I use:

Turkey Glyph  students follow these directions to color their turkey:

  Boys orange beak, girls; yellow beak

  Yellow feet has siblings; Red feet does not have siblings

  Body: like to eat turkey, brown; doesn’t like it, black

  Color the turkey’s eyes the color of your eyes.

Feathers: 4 year old- red and orange; 5 year old red and yellow

Isn’t this a cute turkey hat?

Thankful Turkey

Here’s a cute little turkey from Family Fun.

We always make Indian Headdress in my class. We pattern triangles on a long thin sheet of paper (like a sentence strip), fit it to the child’s head and staple and then attach feathers (I cut out feather shapes) to the back. These always turn out so cute and are a good way to practice patterning.

We also make Indian Corn. I have the kids paint the corn shape with dots of paint using a q-tip. Then we add green paper “husks.”
It looks a lot like the one above.

There are some cute File Folder games at preschoolprintables:

    turkey        ship shape     perfect pies

I’ve never tried these, but they sure are cute.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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