The letter of the Day is…. R!

I saw this letter tag on Faith‘s blog and decided to play along. She gave me the letter R. So, here are 10 things I like that start with the letter R.

  1. Reading

    I love reading. Books, blogs, magazines… I love it all. I just finished up the Twilight series which I became obsessed with. 😉
    Now I want to read The New Six-Point Plan for Raising Happy, Healthy Children by John Rosemond. I recently read his book Making the Terrible Twos Terrific and loved it. He’s a great Christian parenting author.
    I also really love to read to the kids in my class and my two boys. And they in turn love reading too.

  2. Road Trips

    I love, love, love to travel. I’m always wanting to go somewhere. We went to Disney World for our big vacation last year and had the best time. This year Dan and I are going on a cruise and I am so excited!!


  3. Rainy Days

    I love a rainy day…. If I get to stay home. And even better if I get to stay home in my pajamas and possibly lounge around in bed and watch TV. Lazy, much?


  4. Restaurants

    I love going out to eat. It’s almost like a little mini vacation. Yummy food that I did not have to prepare and someone cleans up for me! Sounds great. J


  5. Roaming around Target or Old Navy

    I love roaming around (mostly) Target and seeing what they have. I don’t always have to buy something, but they have such cute stuff and I love browsing.


  6. Roast in the crockpot

    One of my favorite meals. So yummy and so easy. J


  7. Resting with Dan in the evenings

    This is one of my most favorite things to do. We get the kids in bed, pop popcorn and watch our TiVoed shows together. It’s *almost* like a mini date.


  8. Recording shows on TiVo

    #7 led me to #8. I love, love my TiVo and am always recording stuff to watch. I would probably never see anything if it weren’t for my TiVo. And wouldn’t that be a shame?


  9. Rearranging Furniture

    I’ve gotten somewhat better about this, but I’m always wanting a change. Living room furniture is the worst… and my classroom at school… and the boys’ rooms…


  10. Red Velvet Cake

    Mmmm….. my 3rd food related item. I love red velvet cake. So does D3. He has requested it for his birthday cake for two years in a row now. That totally cracks me up- what can I say? He has great taste.

Alright, so I might have cheated by not giving just one word answers, but I should get creativity points.  😉

If anyone that reads my humble little blog would like a letter, just let me know. I promise no Qs or Xs.

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  1. What a great list! I share your love for roasts, restaurants, roaming and most of all recording on TiVo…what would we do without it??

    So glad you played along!!

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