The loves of a two-year old…

I could seriously eat this little guy up! Here he is this a.m. after taking D3 to school. He does not want to take his little robe off (which is too cute!) and he is snuggling Handy Manny and his favorite blanket while watching Signing Time.

He is most definitely developing his likes and dislikes.

For the longest time he had no interest in TV. Now he is loving this guy:

And for a while now he has been in love with Signing Time. We feel like Rachel is another member of the family.

We watched ABC Signs until I have it memorized. Now he is into My Favorite Things, which he calls Run, Run. There’s a song on there about walking, running, sitting, etc. He also has the CD and always wants to listen to Run, Run.

He is such a little music lover.

He loves and sings Jesus Loves Me and Silent Night. But I would have to say that his favorite song is Let it Go by Tim McGraw! This totally cracks us up. He calls is ‘Whoa, Whoa’ and sings along to a lot of the song. When it’s over he’s saying “More Whoa, Whoa peas.”

He is in love with cars, trains and trucks. At some point I’m going to have to get him on video saying truck. He says it in the deep, grumbly voice and then makes the Tim the Tool Man Taylor noise. So manly.

He loves it outside and would live out there if we let him! He loves to ‘wing.’

He loves his brother so much. He wants to be just like him.

He is always ready with hugs and kisses as well. He’s a very cuddly little guy.

He has brought a lot of joy and laughter to our home!

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  1. I sign! I was not familiar with Sign time with Rachel….my kids are older. I went to school to learn so I could interpret and ended up being a mommy full time.
    I did use it when my friend Fabian brought Marlee Matlin to town. I have met her three tiems now and get to sign when she is here. Love that. And was thrilled that she understood me.

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