There’s a THREE year old at my house…

Luke has sung ‘Happy Birthday’ to himself every day this month and his day finally arrived! He is now THREE and it’s hard for me to believe!

He woke up this morning and immediately was ready to open presents. I usually put all the boy’s birthday presents from everyone out on the kitchen table the morning of their birthdays. Luke ran to the table and said, “Oooo, Santa came.” God bless him and his Christmas time birthday. J

He tore into his presents and was excited about them all. I believe the favorite gift of the day was the Batcave from Dan and me. He has played with it all day long!

We stayed home this morning and Luke just played for hours. When Dan got home we headed out to the Mexican restaurant for lunch. Yummy! Luke got his fill of chips and cheese dip and he ate a cheese enchilada. Daniel told the waiter it was Luke’s birthday, so they sang to him and brought him sopapillas. Again… yum!

Luke had been pointing on the box that the Batcave came in and asking where Penguin was. I’m not sure how he knows all of the characters names, but he is in love with Batman and Robin right now. So, I told him we would go to the store and see if we could find Penguin. Luckily Target had both the Penguin and the Joker packs just for the Batcave. He was so excited and came right home and started playing again.

He wanted icecream cake, so I made the easiest cake and it was soooo good.

He actually took a break from Batman to come and sing, blowout candles and eat cake.

He inhaled his cake and ran right back to Batman and Robin. J

I would call this quite the successful birthday!

Happy Birthday baby boy!! We love you!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Luke! I can’t believe he is already 3! Sorry we missed calling and singing (again) – it has been an insane Christmas break!

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