Three random things, take three…

  1. Vicki earns 5 points for knowing that this thing:

    Is the hole for Frisbee golf. It’s actually called a Pole Hole (who knew?). It’s an elevated metal basket that is the “hole” when playing Frisbee golf. Dan‘s brother gave it to him when we were visiting and he gave D3 some golf discs, which made D3’s day. He went to play one day with Dan and his brother and loved it. So, he was super excited to play when we got home.

    I had never even heard of Frisbee Golf (I think you’re supposed to call it Disc Golf, because Frisbee is trademarked) until I met Dan. You play it sort of like regular golf, except you throw Frisbees. There’s actually a Professional Disc Golf Association. Their website tells about Disc Golf and you can find out where courses are near you. I used to go with Dan quite often when we lived in Florida (although I’ve never played).


  2. I actually won something! I never win anything. Sarah at Life in the Parsonage (cute blog!) was giving away the book The House That Cleans Itself and I won. Yay.

    Now I’m going to have to actually organize and clean my house. Oh dear.

    Just kidding. Hopefully this book will make it easier for me. The product description says that the book is for the housekeeping-impaired. That would be me. J


  3. D3 was in the Living Room earlier absolutely cackling at the TV. We went in and he was watching ALF. I don’t think I’ve seen this show since 1989! I used to love it. Ha!

    D3 asked to set the TiVo up to record it.

    This reminded me of prime time shows from my childhood that I could actually watch (unlike today) like Growing Pains and Who’s the Boss. Good ole 80’s TV.

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  1. Yay! Five points for … well, just for bragging rights. Right?

    Congrats on winning the book…anything that simplifies housework is good! If it helps you, let me know. Even with the kids grown and gone, I still have a hubby at home (smile) and a grandson on the way.

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