Too bad I wasn’t able to post…

So, I really wanted to make of couple of posts, but I went out of town and wasn’t able to. Now it’s too late to talk about Christmas and the fact that D3 got an MP3 player with a clock radio from Santa and loved all his new songs so much that he slept with it.

And it’s much too late to bring up the fact the B ran into the living room on Christmas morning, jumped on his tricycle and refused to open any presents.

I wouldn’t want to bore anyone with Christmas in January.

I also let the new year pass me by as I was out of town. I really wanted to do one of those look back on 2008 posts, where I would talk about the fact that last February B and I got the flu (and he got pink eye, an ear infection, and strep throat), he was so miserable!

I would have also mentioned the fact that B started walking last year.

I probably would also have talked about the fact that D3 graduated preschool.

And then we went on summer vacation to Disney World and had possibly the best vacation ever.

I know I would have mentioned the big occasion of my first born going to Kindergarten. I’m still not sure how he is old enough for that!

I might have mentioned that B finally gave up his pacis this year also.

I would have ended that post saying something along the lines of how 2008 has been a big year at our house, as most are with little ones. And that time tends to fly too quickly when you have kids at home.

Too bad I was out of town and couldn’t share those posts.

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  1. Too funny! I’m glad you didn’t do those posts. =) The cowboy shirt on your little one is so cute! The only kind of shirts that I have seen like that are of the tuxedos and women in a bikini- glad he wasn’t wearing that one! Ha!

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