Trick or Treat…

For whatever reason, our town moved our Trick or Treating night to last night. The boys were just a little excited about getting in their costumes and scoring some candy!

We went over to a friend’s house for a Halloween party and then went trick or treating all together. There were about 18 kids!

Here’s a little clip to sum up L’s excitement before we headed out.


I managed to get a few shots of Batman and Robin before we left. They chose their own costumes and I thought they looked mighty cute! J

That crazed smiley look on D3’s face summed up his evening. He was way pumped to be with his friends getting candy!

This is the only action shot I could get and it’s terribly blurry! L went up to the doors and said ‘Trick or Treat’ all by himself. I couldn’t believe he was so independent!

I’m still tired from last night and the kids are still hyped up on sugar. Should be an interesting weekend!

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