Vacation: Key West & Cozumel…

It seems like an eternity since we went our cruise! Life has been so crazy since we got back- hence the lack of posts or words when I do post! We’ve closed on our house, painted several rooms, moved all of our stuff in and have been unpacking lots of boxes, D3 started t-ball, Dan got commissioned as a Probationary Elder… and that is only the major stuff. 

After we found out D3 was okay (that story is here), we were able to relax and had an awesome cruise. It might not have been an exciting vacation for some, but for us- right now- it was perfect. Lots of sleeping and doing what we wanted when we wanted.

Our first and favorite stop was Key West. It is so pretty there and has such a cool vibe. We walked down to the southernmost point and browsed shops the whole way down and back.

We had the camera on some sort of funky setting when we took the pic of the southernmost point, but I had to include it. We tried some awesome Key Lime Pie for lunch. We were still full from breakfast- you never go hungry on a cruise! We walked around and enjoyed ourselves, but we were ready to head back here:

We loved our little “date nights” each night. Getting dressed up, eating a fancy dinner and then going to a show. I have no pictures to prove this, though. Can you believe that?!?! Not the first picture of us together.

Day 3 we went to Cozumel, Mexico. It was c-r-aaaa-zy. We were the first ship back to Cozumel since the swine flu pandemic. They went all out. There were dancers and guy juggling machetes, a mariachi band and the president of Mexico came out. There was a ton of media out as well. Here are some pics from our room.

We took a taxi down to the shops to look around and I honestly didn’t enjoy that very much. There were people standing in every store yelling at us to come in and offering us free things. I just really don’t like that sort of thing. It didn’t bother Dan, but I got my fill pretty quickly. I did hunt down the Del Sol store to get the kids t-shirts. The shirts are black and white and change to color when out in the sun. D3 loved his.

The next couple of days were spent in Belize and then cruising. I’ll recap those later… try not to hold your breath for those. 😉 I’m going to enjoy reading these recaps in the future, it was such a fun time and totally out of our typical day.

Off to unpack more boxes…

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  1. I’m glad you were able to relax on your cruise. I love Key West! It’s crazy and offbeat, but you can’t help but relax there…and everywhere you look, there’s something interesting and unusual to see.

    I’m like you…I don’t care for the shopkeepers yelling for your attention and your business.

    I’m glad you’re in your home and beginning to get settled in. Again, congrats to Dan!!

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