Vacation: The drama…

We’re back!! We had an awesome time on our cruise. We wanted a really restful vacation after Dan’s 3 years in seminary and we got it. We slept in each morning and took naps each afternoons- two things you don’t always get to do with little ones at home. It was a great trip and started out with some drama.

D3 started getting a headache as we were about to leave last Sunday. Then he started screaming with it and crying and was really having a heck of a time. We were all convinced he had a migraine (and I was convinced it was stressed induced, because he was somewhat stressing himself about the trip). He was sensitive to light, so he wore his sunglasses and got into the car with Nana and Papa and headed to the lake while Dan and I got in the car and headed to Atlanta. I thought D3 would start feeling better after Motrin and a nap. Well, he took a nap in the car and then threw up a couple of times. They all made it to the lake where D3 went to play with his little friend and then went inside and voluntarily took a nap. Well, in his little world that’s not good. He’s not a napper. My parents let him nap and then gave him more Motrin and he ended up throwing up a couple more times. All the while not taking off his sunglasses, because they were somewhat helping his headache.

So, Dan and I were in Atlanta because we were flying out the next morning and we were worried about our boy and wondering if we would make it to the cruise or not. We decided to go ahead and fly to Ft. Lauderdale and call my parents when we got there to see how D3 was doing.

So, we landed in Ft. Lauderdale about 8:00 am central and call my parents. They were on their way to the Urgent Care, because D3 woke up and still had a headache (and was still in the sunglasses, by the way L). So, while we sat and waited on the bus to take us to the ship (we had a two hour wait) we waited to hear how D3 was doing. At this point I was still not convinced that I was going on a cruise. We finally get a call from my mom as we were about to board the bus to head to the boat. D3 was starting to feel better and he had mono. Evidently stomach aches (which he had) and headaches are symptoms and there is not much that you can do for it. He was to rest (ha!) and drink plenty of liquids and no horseplay.

As we were boarding the boat, I found out that he actually took his sunglasses off (after wearing them for almost 24 hours) and was eating a big lunch and playing. This made me feel so much better that I was off on vacation while my poor kid was sick back home. I knew my parents were taking good care of him, but I still couldn’t get over that fact that we finally decided to take a big vacation away from the kids and D3 gets sicker than he has probably ever been.

I’m so thankful that he started feeling better so quickly and we were able to talk to him before we set out on the cruise. I was finally able to relax and get excited about the fact that I was going to be on a cruise for 5 days!!

While the boys were having an awesome time.

But more on all that later…

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